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Louise's Sponsorship Page


Meet Louise.  This 10 years old girl's owner passed away, but has been in a foster home for almost 2 months now.  Louise is a tiny but shy when first getting to know you. Once you start petting her she is the biggest love bug (just check out the videos).  Louise LOVES her belly rubs!  She is quite playful as well, but would rather sit next to you getting some love.  Louise does have a chronically stuffy nose, but it doesn't hinder her in any way.  In fact once she starts purring, it seems to clear up (weird).  Louise is litter trained and likes both dry and wet food.  She would do okay with older, respectful children in her forever home.  She tolerates other cats, but does not seem the type to want to snuggle with them.  She is just the sweetest girl and I know she would love to find her forever family soon.  Even though she is an older cat, she has a good amount of energy, and a lot of love to give.  Plus, she is very petite at only 7lbs, and still looks like a kitten!  Does Louise sound like a cat that is right for you? If interested please fill out an application at EHRcats.org. 


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