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Matzo's Sponsorship Page

Senior (12) Matzo got by on the streets scrounging for food and nursing a large open wound on his leg. EHR took him in and healed his body and his soul. He looks great, feels great and is ready for a home of his own.Matzo  (he also likes Mozza)  is very friendly! He supervises his foster human's daily activities and loves gentle pets and scritches.  His perfect evening would be playing with a twist-tie, enjoying some fancy feast, and watching your favorite TV show. Fun fact: originally named Mitzi as he was found with kittens and assumed to be the Mom-surprise! 
Be a mensch (yiddish for good person) and adopt Matzo!!! His adoption fees has been generously donated.

He is FIV+, but a very easy going guy so would do fine with another cat. If interested please fill out an application at EHRcats.org. 

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