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Snickers' Sponsorship Page

Meet Snickers – a foster kitty who will truly make a wonderful companion and life-long friend to her fur-ever family.  Snickers has a beautiful soft coat and her tail fluffs up when she gets excited (i.e. breakfast is being served). 

For coming off the streets, we were absolutely amazed at how quickly she felt comfortable in our home and loves our attention.  She is very sweet and her hobbies include napping in comfortable spots and purring whenever she plays or sits with us. She is definitely used to human interaction, which is a huge bonus.   

Snickers recently had her nails trimmed and at the same time has been become an expert in using her scratching post.  She will definitely be your future lap cat! Snickers is FIV positive, but don't let that stop her from getting a home.  If interested please fill out an application at EHRcats.org and ask for SNICKERS!


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