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Israel Bailey's Sponsorship Page
Israel Bailey

Israel is a true German Shepherd, with all that that entails for the breed. Big, beautiful, and protective! He bonds with his immediate family so strongly and feels he has to protect them from others so he needs to be put away when guests come. His new FURever family would definitely have to have dog and/or breed specific experience. Israel also does not do well around children of any age, though has lived with teenagers and been okay.

Israel is crate trained, house trained, obedient, and knows several commands. He needs a home that will be very structured, where he feels secure and at ease.  Israel would make a great addition to a adult only household with minimal visitors or an owner who doesn't mind putting him away when guests come. We feel a house as an only pet would be best. 

To adopt Israel Bailey, please complete an application today at www.EHRdogs.org!

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