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Rink Beck's Sponsorship Page
Rink Beck

If ever there was a great little dog, it’s Rink!!  She loves squeaky toys and tennis balls, and can entertain herself by throwing them in the air and chasing after them.  But she would much rather play with you!! Rink can be fearful of men at times, especially those whom she has never met or those visiting the house. Rink is a dog that may need to be put away when guests are over as it may overwhelm her a little bit!

Rink is high energy but she is so loving, obedient and eager to please.  She is great in the car and good with other dogs, too. She would actually benefit from having another dog in the home. She is okay with children, although she should be homed with older kids who have dog experience as she can get easily startled. She knows how to “Sit” and “Give paw” & is a great size!

If you think this good-natured pup could be "the one" for you & your family, please fill out an application & be sure to ask for RINK BECK!

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