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Hogan SCAS' Sponsorship Page
Hogan SCAS

Hogan is a super sweet boy and a favorite of our staff and volunteers!!  He seems to greet his human friends with a smile, and they can’t help but smile back when they see that happy face.  Hogan is a black lab/retriever mix around 3 1/2 years old that weighs about 45 lbs.  He came to us from one of the worst animal shelters in the rural mountains of Georgia.  A rescue person saw his picture, went to meet him there, and decided this boy needed to be saved.

Hogan’s very favorite thing to do is PLAY!  Perhaps that’s because he came from a place where he sat alone in a run with nothing to do all day. :(  But whether it be Fetch or tug of war, Hogan loves his toys!  He’s also been going to Agility with a volunteer friend and he does great on the course!  He’ll even swim when given the chance!  Hogan is a smart boy and knows some basic commands like sit, stay, drop and down.  He is housebroken, crate trained, and good with most dogs.

Unfortunately, Hogan was recently returned after being adopted for about 8 months because he became very protective of his home.  Hogan needs a strong owner who has experience with protective/territorial dogs.  Although he was very loving with his family, we feel that Hogan would do best in a home with no children because of his protectiveness. Hogan gets along with most dogs.

If you’d like to meet Hogan for yourself, just fill out a dog adoption application at www.ehrdogs.org and be sure to mention his name - Hogan SCAS!!

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