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Atlas Maverick SCAS' Sponsorship Page
Atlas Maverick SCAS

Atlas Maverick was adopted from us when he was only 2 months old, but was returned after less than a year in the home because they didn't have the time to train or play with him, and the poor pup was spending more and more time crated. Toward the end of his time there, we don't think he was cared for well at all.

Maverick, as his kennel friends call him, was very scared when he found himself back with EHR.  Our staff and volunteers have been working with him, but it is not the same as being in a home. He needs slow introductions to people, because he lost his trust in his humans at such a young age. This boy would need a quiet, adult only house where he can learn to relax. He needs someone who will take it slow and build his trust again. He has not had good experiences with cats or small dogs, but having another canine companion who is well balanced and can be a good influence will help give Maverick the confidence he needs. He must be in a home with another dog.

Maverick is house & crate trained, plus he walks well on a leash. With his friends, he is a young boy who loves to play with toys & a game of "Fetch" if you're up for it. He is smart & knows basic commands including "Sit" & he'll even be the best co-pilot if you're going for a ride in the car. At only just over two years old, Maverick is full grow, but still have some puppy energy. He would do best in a new home with people who are active & who have the time to teach him the ropes. In addition, a fenced in yard would give him the safe space he needs to play and have fun.

Can you be the one to give this big guy the place he needs to feel loved and protected?  Give him a chance to show you what kind of dog he can be with the right kind of owner! Please fill out an application today at www.ehrdogs.org & be sure to ask for him by name, ATLAS MAVERICK SCAS!

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