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Ollie (Noah Alabama)'s Sponsorship Page
Ollie (Noah Alabama)

Meet Ollie, a loveable 5-year-old Terrier mix! He is the PERFECT size at 36 pounds if you don't want a huge dog! During the Covid lockdown, he was returned to EHR and is in search of his new home. He was not socialized with other dogs in his early years so he would have to do slow introductions with any potential sibling.

Ollie is the PERFECT "Fetch" player. He can sometimes get a bit too into his food/high value items so he would be best with owners who are dog savvy. Ollie loves walks on our trails and behaves so nicely. He's crate and housetrained and great in a car! Ollie hasn't met a stranger so far, everyone is his friend!

If you are interested in Ollie, visit EHRDOGS.ORG to fill out an application and be sure to mention OLLIE by name!!!

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