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Red Hot Chili Pepper

Red Hot has had a very rough life, due to no fault of his own.. He originally came to us in 2016 when his owner lost his home and was living in his truck. Red was getting too hot in the truck during work hours so the owner had no choice but to give Red up. He was adopted out quickly but then returned in a few short months because he was “too much” for his owner at the time. Red Hot then spent 2 years in our kennels where, although having a ton of friends, love and attention, he deteriorated. Red became more and more insecure as the days went on. In 2019, Red Hot found an adopter!!! He thought he had hit the jackpot and lived with this owner for 2 years, happy and comfortable.

Why is he available for adoption again now, you ask? Red Hot was just returned AGAIN, because his owner had a baby which was not a good situation for an insecure dog to be around. Red Hot is absolutely devastated. He does not take interest in going on walks, he will not come inside, he does not ask for attention, he just panics all day. This is not the Red Hot we know. He has lived a life filled with disappointment and heartbreak. He needs to be in a home as he is getting older and it is not fair for this dog to live his best years in a kennel environment. Red’s ideal home is one with minimal visitors as he is a protector, and doesn’t always love strangers coming inside his family’s space. He is affectionate with his owners and is ready to go for hikes, or be a couch potato. He gets nervous around children, so an adult only home is the perfect situation for him. Red likes dogs when introduced properly and slowly, so he could potentially live with another doggie friend! He is a BEAUTIFUL dog who has been failed by humans way too many times, let's give
Red the success story he deserves.


If you're interested in meeting "Red", go to EHRDOGS.ORG and submit an application. Don't forget to ask for RED HOT CHILI PEPPER LONESTAR!


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