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Sampson (Sperry Lonestar)'s Sponsorship Page
Sampson (Sperry Lonestar)

This beautiful boy is Sampson. He was adopted out as a puppy to a loving couple but recently has come back to Eleventh Hour. He is about 5 years old & he's an eager to please boy who loves to play with toys! His favorite thing to do is dig into our toy bucket and pick out toys to play with.

Sampson is very intelligent and has been through a board-and-train program! Sampson knows “sit” “down” “paw” “touch” “stay” “kisses” “OK”. Check out his video of him demonstrating his skills!! He absolutely loves butt rubs and can become very affectionate.

Sampson bonds strongly with his owners. He has a protective nature to him because he is so loyal, he would just need to be put away when guests come over and he doesn't mind it! He is the perfect balance of couch potato and hiking buddy. He could potentially live with another dog but it would likely have to be one with a more submissive personality.

If you are interested in Sampson, fill out an application and be sure to mention his name SAMPSON (SPERRY LONESTAR)!!!



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