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Eleventh Hour Rescue


W H O   W E   A R E

  O U R   M I S S I O N   S T A T E M E N T    

Focusing on saving Death Row Animals from kill shelters; fostering them in a home; providing them with all  the love and medical attention they require until they find their forever homes; educating the community about the animal over population problem and the importance of spaying and neutering.


Our day begins with logging onto our computer, only to find we have a mere 161 emails to read before finishing our morning cup of coffee. Some of the subject titles read, 'Senior Hound, last day is today', 'Overflowing with Puppies', '13 more left, please help' , 'Shy girl, and 3 legged beagle due to be gassed Tuesday'. Imagine a having such a death sentence being held over your head, opening email after email, seeing the faces of fluffy, highly adoptable puppies, a scared little Shepherd curled up in the corner of a dirty kennel, a Labrador with just a blur behind him where the camera couldn't capture how fast his tail was wagging. 

Sometimes, well... no, most times, our eyes are welled up with tears, and the thoughts of: Where are we going to put them?  How will we pay for the transport?  What if one is heartworm positive, how will we pay for the treatment?  This is when we take a deep breath, email our volunteers, start brainstorming about fund raising ideas, rebalance the checkbook, and just end the morning with an emailed response of 'We'll take them all', backed only with one thought...

'We'll figure it out'.

It sounds haphazard, and you might be thinking to yourself, that we made an irresponsible decision, do we really think we can save them ALL? How can we commit to taking a dog, sight unseen, with no idea about their health or temperament? Most of all you are probably asking yourself, 'why do we put ourselves through this?' or 'I could never do that, I just couldn't handle it.'

Approximately 7 million pets will die this year in shelters across the US. Some die humanely with lethal injection, some will be thrown into a gas chamber and die a slow, frightening death, some will be shot, or beaten. They will die with a feeling of abandonment, lonesomeness, and fear. Yet, these dogs are real, they are living... breathing... beings that crave love, companionship, and trust, while offering the same in return. They feel pain, hunger and sadness and we do what we do because we want to make a difference. If we can bring comfort to just one, we will. If we can save just one life, we will. The stories we read and each dog's story is heart-wrenching, the numbers of those we can't help are overwhelming, and everyday we are haunted by the faces of those we can't save.  

We cannot stop.  We will not stop, until all of the cages are empty.

Eleventh Hour Rescue is made up of dedicated individuals who believe that innocent pets deserve love and a place to live where they are honored and cared for. No dog or cat deserves to die simply because it does not have a home. We rescue dogs and cats at their Eleventh Hour--when they are scheduled to be put to death by shelters that can no longer care for them. We give them all the medical attention they require, a place to live, and through our adoption services, a second chance at a happy and fulfilled life. We are affiliated with many like-minded animal groups throughout the United States.

Other than a small staff of kennel caretakers, as well as a small staff to run our Mt Olive Adoption Center, Eleventh Hour Rescue is run completely by our caring, overachieving, amazing volunteers, even our officers do not get paid.    

We get paid in kisses, purrs and tail wags.


Anti-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy:   It is the policy of Eleventh Hour Rescue to provide an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment, and one that promotes equal opportunity and equitable treatment of ALL species.   Any type of harassment or discrimination based on a person or animal’s race/breed, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, size, shape, health, temperament etc. is prohibited.
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